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Life Science

Biotechnology is not only the key technology of the future, but it also characterizes uniquely the Research and Technology Region Aachen. Since the mid-1990s the Aachen Region has developed to one of the leading locations of the Life Science sector in Europe. About 250 companies are busy in Medical Technology and Biotechnology.

The innovational success in Life Science is marked above all by the cooperation with the science and research institutes of the RWTH Aachen University, the FH Aachen - University of Applied Sciences and the Research Center Jülich.

The Life Science landscape of the Aachen Region is closely linked with the MedLife e. V. representing the following priorities:

  • Bioprocessing-Technologies
  • Development of building materials
  • Diagnostic procedures and therapies
  • Medical Technology
  • Proteomics

So Baesweiler has developed to a leading Life Science location in the Technology Region Aachen. Important Life Science companies have chosen Baesweiler for their corporate activities and are feeling very comfortable here.

For further information about Life Science in Baesweiler:
Life Science-Cluster Baesweiler

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