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Traffic connection

The City of Baesweiler is located in the west of Germany, in the middle of the Technology Region Aachen, about 15 km north of the City of Aachen and is the most northern city in the StädteRegion Aachen.

The neighboring cities in the StädteRegion Aachen are Alsdorf (south) and Herzogenrath (southwest).

From the region Heinsberg the cities Übach-Palenberg (west) and Geilenkirchen (northwest) directly border on Baesweiler. In the northeast the city of Linnich as well as in the southeast the municipality of Aldenhoven, both from the district of Düren, adjoin the city of Baesweiler.

The City of Baesweiler is directly connected to the national highway B 56 (Bonn – The Netherlands) and B 57 (Aachen – Krefeld – Mönchengladbach) as well as to the country roads L 50, L 225 and L 240.

The connection to the motor-ways A 44 (Aachen – Düsseldorf, direction Belgium) and A 4 (Aachen – Köln, direction The Netherlands) is only a few minutes’ drive.

The next railway stations are in Geilenkirchen and Übach-Palenberg, an about 5 minutes’ drive (connection Aachen – Düsseldorf) and in Eschweiler, an about 15 minutes’ drive (connection Aachen – Köln). Regional bus services exist in all directions.
Due to the ideal traffic connection of Baesweiler some of the most important European metropolises and airports can be reached in a two hours’ drive.

Typical features of the location Baesweiler are:

  • the central situation in Europe offering a couple of future potentials
  • the neighborhood to international airports and ports
  • the proximity to metropolitan areas, without the traffic problems and cost  disadvantages involved
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