Retail and city marketing

During the last two decades Baesweiler has developed into a liveable and lovable city. The Baesweiler city marketing should contribute to continue and strengthen this positive development of our city. These projects are supported by the Kreativ (link to the category) since 2016.

The most important partial aspects of Baesweiler City Marketing are the safeguarding or the functional expansion of the retail trade as well as the improvement of the shopping situation in the districts Baesweiler and Setterich. We pay special attention to the implementation of the gained insights into structural improvement measures. In particular, concrete actions and support measures that bind or strengthen purchasing power are to be identified. This also includes the qualified re-letting of vacant store premises as well as the new settlement of previously missing assortments or branches.

Shopping City Baesweiler

Take your time for a pleasant shopping spree!

In the two retail centers Baesweiler and Setterich you will find what your heart desires. More than 250 stores with a sales area of over 27,000 m² offer you a variety of attractive shopping opportunities.

A variety of activities organized by the Baesweiler and Setterich trade associations invite you to take a leisurely stroll through the city throughout the year. Numerous discount campaigns, such as the “Baesweiler Bonus Card”, serve to provide special customer service – because you save money while you shop!

The extensive range of free parking spaces throughout the city invites you to shop on the move.

New Market Setterich

With the planning and realization of the “Neuer Markt Setterich”, a unique opportunity was taken to upgrade the retail center of Setterich in terms of urban development on a former wasteland by rounding off further neighboring plots of land and to increase the retail centrality and thus also the connection of purchasing power in Setterich.

Through the small-scale architecture, which fits into the cityscape, the appearance of Setterich was upgraded and since then it shines in a new splendor!

The local supply situation in Setterich was significantly improved with the establishment of the full-range retailer REWE and the expansion of the Penny discount store. This can also be seen as particularly positive for the surrounding stores, as the full-range store and the discounter as a frequency provider with the centrally located parking lot attract additional purchasing power to the center of Setterich and thus also bind purchasing power in other assortment areas in Setterich.

In addition, a textile company, a pharmacy, a lottery and delicatessen store and a bakery have been established at “Neun Markt Setterich”. On the upper floors of the property are the practices of a pediatrician and a dentist. A day care facility for senior citizens is also located here. The social and medical character of the “Neuer Markt” is very important to the concept developers.

A total of 112 parking spaces were created and offer customers the opportunity to park directly in front of the respective stores. The new market place designed by the city of Baesweiler creates ideal conditions for a gastronomy, which would be very welcome at the location, so that in summer an outdoor gastronomy can be operated at the market place.

The establishment of the “Neuer Markt Setterich” has strengthened the town center as a district center with supplementary supply functions also for the northern part of the town with the districts Setterich, Floverich, Loverich and Puffendorf.

At the fire department tower

Planning to secure the long-term supply function of the town of Baesweiler is currently focused on the area “Am Feuerwehrturm Baesweiler”. Here, the attractiveness of the Baesweiler Center will be enhanced by the settlement of a full-range retailer with a sales area of 2400 m², of which 100 m² are accounted for by a bakery, and a food discounter with a sales area of 1000 m². They will further strengthen the Baesweiler retail center as a magnet for customers, and no further stores are possible in this area. Rather, there should be a design connection to Kirchstraße so that visitors to the food market can take advantage of the attractive retail offerings in the city center.

The urbanistic enhancement will be created by an architecturally attractive building complex, which will offer attractive city apartments in addition to the retail function.

Apartment units at the fire department tower

The urbanistic upgrading will be created by an architecturally attractive building complex, which will offer attractive city apartments in addition to the retail function. These are planned on the roof of the market, in the form of five two-storey building volumes with a total of 20 residential units. It is planned to provide 360 parking spaces, which will be available to customers of the new market as well as to visitors to the center, employees and residents.
Sufficient space will be available for the use of the fairground and festival area, as fairground events, as an important element of customs and tradition, will continue to be promoted.

Am Feuerwehrturm

The City-Regional Retail Concept (STRIKT)

In many places, the proverbial “change in retail” confronts local authorities with the task of sustainably protecting the retail trade in the city centers and securing the supply function of the centers. In order to maintain the attractiveness of the inner cities and to avoid the outsourcing of retail trade to “greenfield sites”, StädteRegion Aachen has developed the urban-regional retail concept, STRIKT Aachen for short. The aim of this concept is above all to strengthen the retail trade centers, to prevent a shift to outdoor areas, e.g. industrial estates, and to develop a joint procedure for the settlement of large-scale retail trade projects with a sales area of 800 m² or more.

The concept was developed jointly by all 10 cities and municipalities of the StädteRegion in cooperation with the Cologne District Government, the Aachen Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Aachen-Düren Retail and Service Association.

This takes up the principle that has been in place in Baesweiler for decades, namely to promote retail trade, particularly in the retail centers of Baesweiler and Setterich, and not – as is the case elsewhere – to relocate it to the industrial estates, and enshrines it in the urban-regional retail concept.

The City of Baesweiler’s Economic Development Agency will continue to do everything in its power to maintain the attractiveness and supply function of the two retail centers Baesweiler and Setterich. The fact that, in addition to the center in Baesweiler, the center in Setterich is also defined in the report as a central supply area facilitates the planned urban development in the center.